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Essential Procreate Brush Set

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FREE for a limited time until the end of 2022.

Not satisfied with the default brushes in Procreate? Miss the photoshop hard round brush? This set is for you! I created this to help transition from PS and Wacom to Procreate and the iPad. 

It contains six brushes:

1. Stabilised Linework Marker - For linework and comics
2. Soft Sketcher - General purpose sketching
3. Round Wet Brush - General purpose painting
4. Flat Horizontal Brush - Painting horizontal lines
5. Flat Vertical Brush - Painting vertical Lines
6. Wedge Brushes (N,S,E,W) - For sharp edges, nooks and crannies.

Watch the best Procreate custom brushes for drawing and painting and don't forget to adjust the Procreate pressure curve settings!