jpxr is an illustration and lifestyle brand that explores the journey to becoming a better creator.


Hi, I'm Jay.

You probably know me from my webcomics or YouTube channel. I'm a web designer, illustrator, tech nerd and a person that really likes to create things.  

Why Jaywalker Pictures?

Ever since childhood, I've had a desire to draw and create. This lead to art school, a brief stint in video games and then the uncertainty of being an early twenty something wondering if I was on the right path.

During this period I didn't draw much - art was far at the back of my mind, but never completely gone. I went back to school, learnt new things and travelled a bit. Like most people, I created a simple blog to post travel photos. A friend suggested naming it Jaywalking, a pun on my nickname Jay, and the idea of going for a walk to see the world.

Years later when I came back to drawing, I dusted off the blog and Jaywalker Pictures was born.

Looking back, the name has a deeper meaning. Jaywalking is something you do when you don't follow the established rules. A deviation from the norm. Sometimes life doesn't go according to plan. Jaywalker Pictures is about that unexpected journey.

In the end, I hope the things I create can inspire young creatives to walk their own path. Thank you for your support and joining me on this adventure.