Hey, I'm Jay.

You probably know me from my webcomics or YouTube channel. I'm an artist, designer, illustrator, storyteller and just a person that really likes to create things.

Jaywalker Pictures started out as a simple Tumblr blog for posting drawings in my spare time. From there I branched out into webcomics, then a YouTube channel and now this store. 

Thank you for stopping by! Every purchase goes toward helping me create videos/art (software subscriptions and equipment), share stories, inspire and continue building this community.

Why Jaywalker Pictures?

Jaywalker Pictures

Like most people, I started my blog to post travel photos - a friend suggested naming it Jaywalking. A nice pun on my nickname and the idea of going for a walk to see the world.

During this period I didn't really draw much - art was far at the back of my mind, but never completely gone. Years later when I came back to it, I dusted off the blog and Jaywalker Pictures was born.

Looking back now I feel like the name Jaywalker Pictures has a deeper meaning. Jaywalking is something you do when you don't want to follow the established rules. It's swimming against the tide. Doing something that doesn't make sense to others. A deviation from the norm. Sometimes life doesn't go according to plan. Jaywalker Pictures is about that unexpected journey.

In the end, I hope the things I create can inspire young creatives to walk their own path. Thank you for your support and joining me on this adventure.