New year, new logo

New year, new logo

Happy New Year! To start off 2019 I've completed version 2 of the logo. 

This is something I've been wanting to do for a long time. With everything I do, I start out with something simple and scrappy. 'Just get it done' is the mantra. Version 1 was done in an hour in photoshop and I wasn't too happy with the overall shape of the laurel wreath. But to get the store launched asap I didn't want to fret over details. 

Now that we're live, I've been able to refine and improve:

jaywalker pictures logo



I begin by getting my ideas onto paper first. The important thing here was a more circular wreath design. This will allow my logo to fit into circular profile picture spaces more evenly. 

jaywalker pictures logo sketch


Once I'm happy with the sketch, it's brought into Adobe Illustrator to be turned into a vector image. Illustrator has a number of things that allow you to draw with symmetry. Reflecting, duplicating, repeating patterns along a path are all techniques that are super handy. You can see in the image the blue outlines and points - these are the vector points, each contain mathematical information  (I think!) about the direction and shape of the path. The benefit of creating your logos in this mathematical format means you can resize infinitely without losing quality. Essential for print production.

Final logo

Once done I bring the logo back into photoshop to play with some treatments. I added some textured grain and it looks great reversed and placed on a dark version of my wallpaper Geometree:


Changing the logo has been quite an undertaking (that I'm still working on eep). I've had to go back through my store and update everything, everywhere the logo appears, from the website, receipts, packaging, the tees, hoodies and right through to the apparel labels that appear inside the tees:

Final products

Please don't forget to browse the store to see how the logo looks on the products. I'm still updating things but all will be completed soon. (If you've already bought stuff with the old logo, I'm sorry, but I still think the old logo is awesome and now you have a very rare item :))

I particularly like the Icon Hoodie in Navy:

Happy new year everyone, looking forward to 2019!

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I’m so glad you improved your logo. It looks more professional. Thanks for the brief explanation of how to create a logo with no problem re-sizing it. Good luck with the future march, Jay


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