Jaywalker Pictures is Back

Jaywalker Pictures is Back

It's been a long time.

A few years ago, I had a number of things going on, a blog, webcomics and a YouTube channel - they were a bunch of experiments in social media and an outlet for my art that I brought under the umbrella name, Jaywalker Pictures.

I couldn't continue as life got in the way. I got 'real' job, married, bought a place and while I tried to keep the channel and art alive, it slowly fell by the wayside.

And while I didn't draw or create much, I never closed the door and was continually thinking of ways to improve the art, channel and ideas behind them. 

Years later, after much effort, I've found my way back to a place where I can continue where I left off.

Welcome to Phase 2

First off, you'll notice the name - jpxr. The official name is still Jaywalker Pictures but jpxr is a shortened brand mark, a distillation and evolution of the brand.

Secondly, my art style has continued to change. One of my latest pieces - Open a New World is so different to my old works and I expect my style to continue to evolve and change with each piece I do.

Despite these changes, the end goal remains the same - continue growing my channel and art into an illustration and lifestyle brand. At it's core, jpxr is about navigating the messy complexity of creative work and lighting a way to help myself and others walk their own journey.

Thanks for supporting and I'm excited for what's to come in 2022.


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