The Brief

Indeed wanted an engaging animation that would encourage small business owners to use to post job ads. After brainstorming a number of concepts, I worked with Indeed to develop storyboard animatics to narrow the parameters of the ad to the following:

  1. Show the character using the post a job functionality of the website
  2. Focus on small business owners
  3. Make the video as short as possible
  4. Integrate a crossover between live footage and animation
  5. Emphasise the concept of speed - how fast it is to use to post your ad
  6. Maintain a positive spirit and charm that would align with their brand guidelines.


I distilled the concept of speed into the slogan "Find People Faster" and based the video around the physical artefacts of a job search, in this case, a traditional "Help Wanted" poster. This gave me scope to build a narrative that incorporates a live footage/animated crossover and show the Indeed website being used. This ad is currently being submitted for airtime on RTE, Ireland's national broadcaster.


Pre-production involved dressing a residential window as a cafe window to avoid issues with filming on commercial premesis. Set design tasks ranged from illustrating and rigging the "Help Wanted" poster, right through to carpentry and flower arrangement. A completely free music soundtrack was sourced to avoid legal issues and costs with distribution of the final work.

The shoot posed it's own challenges that had to be overcome, such as shooting into a glass window which brought reflections and patchy lighting conditions making it hard to get consistently lit footage.

Post-production involved compositing and rotoscoping to remove wires from the poster. Animation involved over 350 frames of character movement. Ensuring character performance matched with music and brought a sense of weight, gravity and believablity was key to the success of the project.

The finished commercial

A peek at the pre-production process

Indeed - Find People Faster

Slogan "Find People Faster"